Using the five senses can help a child develop concept understanding of something. By smelling and touching hydrangea, this kindergartener started her journey in the floral exploration. (reference photo with parents permission)


This piece got accepted in the 2021 Concept Exhibition

“Scent”, 12×9

A concept is an abstract idea, a general notion, a plan or intention. This exhibition is highlighting those artists that take their concepts from idea to reality, and that focus on the meaning behind their artworks. In these works you’ll see our artists exploring themes, meanings, messages and ideology through paint, graphite, mixed media collages and more. As you peruse this exhibition, consider which pieces are drawing you in, and why. What are these artists saying with their work?


This piece is accepted in the exhibition and is also featured online at:


Exhibition dates: September 13-26, 2021

Location: Federation Gallery, 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 4B7, Canada

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