Dusk at Vancouver Harbour

Living close to Vancouver Harbour, I always love to take a walk after dinner. It is very pleasant to see sunset there.


This piece got accepted in the 2021 Shape & Form Exhibition

“Dusk at Vancouver Harbour”, 9×12

Indulge in the beauty of exploring shape and form. Let your eyes wander around the surface of these works, taking in all of their shapely details. Think thick and thin lines, negative and positive space, lustrous curves, and sharp edges. Using a variety of media, our artists showcase their abstract pieces that use the language of shape, and their representational works that convey their reverence for form. Click on any of the images to view more details about each piece, and scroll all the way to the bottom to check out the entire exhibition!


This piece is accepted in the exhibition and is also featured online at:



Exhibition dates: August 30-September 12, 2021

Location: Federation Gallery, 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 4B7, Canada

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