Portrait Painting of ‘Don & Hastings’

Dr. Don Smith has lived in Vancouver for almost 3 decades where he got his PhD. Now he resides in California and enjoys the retirement life with his lovely pet Hastings.


This piece got accepted in the 2021 Vancouver Salon Exhibition

“Don & Hastings”, 12×9

The Federation Gallery is proud to present the Vancouver Salon, a classically inspired exhibition that follows the artwork hanging style of the historical Paris Salon. Come explore a rich diversity of works from over 100 artists, and with such great variety, everyone is sure to find an artwork that speaks to you.



This piece is accepted in the exhibition and is also featured online at: https://federationgallery.com/show/2021_vancouver_salon/0

Exhibition dates: June 14-27, 2021

Location: Federation Gallery, 1241 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 4B7, Canada

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