Spring inspiration from nature and neighbourhood

Spring has finally arrived here in British Columbia. This is the Iona Beach Regional Park in Richmond. It was a great sunny afternoon in the early spring. There was almost no one out there. I guess it was because of weekday. I was the only one in that huge field at that moment. I was so little. The vast land has now more subtle warm green colours than just greys in the winter time.


Early Spring at Iona Beach Regional Park

“Early Spring”, 8×8

There was this tree on the left side in my view that caught my eye. I noticed those glorious leaves on the top branches. This added so much fun to the peaceful landscape.


Marvel at the beauty of cherry blossom

“Cherry Blossom”, 10×8

The month April has witnessed beautiful cherry blossoms every where in Great Vancouver. I was helping my friend move to a new place the other day. I was surprised to find his place is in a perfect location. This cherry blossom is right in front of his home on the street. There were some crowds coming to the spot to take photos. Everyone marvelled at the beauty of this tree. It is a good looking tree.

Some petals started to fall on the ground, however, they would not stay on the tree forever. As I am writing this now, my friend told me now the ground is paved with the pink and white petals. This beauty is never eternal. We were able to catch that splendid moment, but we could not live that moment. The moment we say we are in the moment, however, it is already gone and became past. This is a profound truth in the universe. H.H. Dorje Chang buddha III has elaborated such truth in the dharma discourse.





Painting tulips en plein air

“Tulips Duo”, 6×4

Tulips are also on the top list that people like to plant in the spring season. I spent the afternoon painting these tulips en plain air in the garden of our neighbourhood. Thanks to all the neighbours that take good care of these plants and flowers, I was able to bury myself with the fresh yellow tulips. At that moment I became tulips! It is so delighted to be able to do outdoor painting for the floral study. This also helps a lot with developing painting skills.


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