Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Painting Yellow Beak ‘Wild Duck’ Resting Under the Pink Begonia 玉花寿之王博士国画,黄嘴《野鸭》栖息在粉色海棠下

The unsophisticated feeling makes people feel refreshed. In the dripping transparent ink colours, the immature pink begonia started to grow. The dotted pink did not seem to belong to the worldly earth. Instead, they popped up from the fresh ink marks. The two ducks with yellow beaks immersed themselves in the surreal beautiful scene. It felt they have forgotten where they were from their frozen expression. The beauty of this painting is beyond words.


This piece is among a series of works painted by Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang. The direct strokes are like clouds in the sky and water running in the river. Although it has a deep feel of the Chinese painting, it contains the western modern composition elements and space consciousness. The paintings are very delicate. By ‘delicate’, it does not mean precise or detailed. It reveals the natural impromptu and subtle composition from the painter!


The painting style is based on the gift, talent and training. It embodies the personal quality of the artist. We can safely say the cultivation decides on the quality of paintings. Mr. Qi Bai Shi did a painting at the age of 94. There were only a few wicker and two bamboo fence. The overall painting had just these lines with the title of “No beauty of Autumn and Spring can compete with it”. That said, ten miles of scenes in Spring and Autumn can hardly reach the wonderful level of this painting. Thus, it is noticeable to see the confidence from Bai Shi. The key factors of Chinese paintings are not about the topic. They are about how to use strokes of ink. If they are in a great stage, then the painting will exceed the nature.


People that really know paintings all love to appreciate the strokes of ink. Chinese paintings have been influenced by the western style since the 19th century. From art academy to folks, they all paint the shapes based on the lighting theory and objective of things. The aesthetic value went away from the oriental painting traditions. Neither does it show understanding of the inner meanings and interests of artists.



A series of Chinese paintings of flowers and birds by Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang are among the most noticeable scholar style in contemporary art. Her paintings stand on the Chinese traditional aesthetics and also absorb the avant garde painting elements from the western exploring art. On behalf of traditional scholar paintings, the ultimate goal is not to show the technics in painting, which often mean similar shapes. The goal is to cultivate the mind to be free from worldly upset thoughts. This idea of taking away worldly thoughts is the utmost spiritual meaning embodied in the oriental art. 


Written by Zhibai, translated by Jeremy

From: Lang Mo Yun Zhuan Yi Qian Kun



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