Artistic inspiration in the time of pandemic restrictions

2020 was a special year. The pandemic has affected everyone’s life. I have been working as kindergarten teacher for 10 years until this private school shut down last year. Although I had fear like lots of people did, I also felt inspired to create pastel works. By reading H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III: A Treasure of True Buddha-Dharma, I marvel at the amazing achievements in the form of world class treasures. The spectacular art master works from H.H Dorje Chang Buddha III have great empowerment. Those works feature in Chinese paintings, western paintings, art frames, jade plates, 3 dimensional pictures, calligraphy and so on. I have worked with oils, acrylic, gouache and oil pastels in the past a few years. However, I was drawn to the unique texture of soft pastels.

Soft pastel journey began in the time of pandemic restrictions

In mid 2020, I joined PAC and started the soft pastel journey. Thanks to the abundant resources from PAC, I was able to access the DVDs from various excellent artists. Each time after I watched DVD, I felt so motivated to draw and paint. In December 2020, the Great Vancouver has witnessed its first snow. The next day, I took a walk in the Deer Lake park in Burnaby. The park had a grand new look with magic colors. I took tons of photos as I walked along the path.

A wonderful walk to see the first snow in the Deer Lake

First, I came across the woods and noticed this view in front of me. It was so festive as if the nature was in celebration of Christmas.

“Winter Trees”, 8×8

Then, I continued on the blue path. It led to a lighter area.

“Blue Path”, 8×8

On the right side of the path was the land covered with fresh snow. I was fascinated with the different colors on the snowy land.

“First Snow”, 8×8

Then I stepped on a bridge. To the right was the Deer Lake. It was crystal blue.

“Deer Lake”, 8×8

To the left was another beautiful snowy land. What a winter wonderland!

“Snow Path”, 8×8

The golden sunlight is hope

I was really touched when I stood there in the last scene. All of sudden all the fear disappeared when I just stared what was in front me. My mind was filled joy and hope. The golden light in the far end was so warm. Not only did it cast the bright shadow on the land, but also brought the hope and encouragement to the life. I firmly believe that the pandemic will eventually go away and we will get back to normal life again.

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