Deer Lake

The deer lake is located in Sasquatch Provincial Park. It was a cloudy day when I was taking my parents there for a visit. Thus, the weather brought the quiet lake to another level. The lake was as clear as mirror. What was in the shadow looked exactly the same as their originality. It was hard to tell which one was real or fake. I had a feeling that this scene was almost illusional like dream. Although it looked still, it was not eternal.


We spent some time at the lake side. We did not even see much of the wave happening until it started to have sprinkle. I sighed, “Oh! How come it is raining now?” My dad replied, “It really made me feel like in the Southern part of China!” My mom also loved the rainy scene. So we did not hide ourselves from the rain. We continued to walk on the path through the woods. Then we reached a small bridge and saw the rain drops on the surface of the lake. Finally the ticktock raining sound has added some movement for the quiet lake.


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