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Established in 2020, we create the beautiful Canadian landscape paintings from the scene. Jeremy hopes everyone to enjoy art. Thanks for visiting!

“Snow Path” 8×8 pastel

Warm feeling of hope coming from the golden sunlight in the far end.

“Winter Trees” 8×8 pastel

Festive woods near the Deer Lake in celebration of the winter holiday season.

Enlightenment is here

There are many great artists in the world. We marvel at the masterpieces from various times. The link below will take you to see the gorgeous works from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III.

Soft pastel

As the name indicates, soft pastels are soft and easy to work with. They are perfect for building up layers and layers.

Oil pastel

Oil pastels can create beautiful colour effects. The finished work may sometimes be regarded as a piece of oil painting.


Gouache is so fun to use. It feels like a combination of both acrylic and watercolour. It is an amazing medium.

About me

Hi, I am Jeremy. Previously a kindergarten teacher, I became a freelance painter in 2020. Fascinated by the stunning landscapes in British Columbia, Canada, I gradually love to paint these scenes in pastels. I found myself in a great meditative stage through painting.



 Federation of Canadian Artists-Active Member


June 2020- The 1st winner in the portrait exhibition "Canadian Faces" from "Opus Oh Canada Virtual Art Tour" in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


March 2021- Federation of Canadian Artists,
Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition-"Majestic"
March 2021- Federation of Canadian Artists,
Annual International Mail-In Art Exhibition-"Summer Tree"
May 2021- Federation of Canadian Artists,
Peace and Trust Exhibition-"Radiant"
June 2021- Federation of Canadian Artists,
Landscapes Exhibition-"Winding"


2021 Pastel Artists. CA, February Issue-"Blue Path" Living Creatively With The Pandemic

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